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I declare that the information I have provided, is accurate and to the best of my knowledge on registration of any TravelFit 360 events. I am fully aware, understand and accept the risks involved. I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions provided by TravelFit 360 (Physical copy & Electronically – I, also agree that photographs may be taken throughout the events’ hosted by TravelFit 360 and may be used in any media used by “TravelFit 360” promotion’s including social media, newsletters and posters. In the event that I am featured in one of TravelFit 360’s promotions, I am aware and understand that I may not be notified or asked for my consent prior to the use of the material. By submitting this Registration Form I understand and acknowledge that there is NO - REFUNDS or CREDITS for any reason once the non - refundable deposit is paid. *
Get ready to experience an adventure of a lifetime... your journey will be unique and the memories will be with you forever
— TravelFit 360 Founder, Rob Coad