Hell Week Challenge

You have seen the movies, heard the stories, and watched the documentaries; Navy SEAL hopefuls under going some of the most arduous training known to man. Body, mind and spirit pushed to the limit as they’re put through the rigors of the now infamous BUD/s course.

These images and stories often invoke feelings of amazement, curiosity and disbelief. For many of us it prompts the question “Do I have what it takes? Do I have the mental, physical and emotional fortitude to accomplish such an awe inspiring goal?”

The Original Bootcamp team are proud to announce the long awaited return of our exclusive Hell Week challenge.

Hell Week is inspired by the Navy SEAL’s Physical Training Week of the same name, incorporating both land and water based activities to test recruits’ drive, determination and commitment.

NOTE: Unlike Original Bootcamp’s standard monthly programming, Hell Week is not suited to all fitness levels. This is an elite level fitness challenge suited to those conditioned individuals who are prepared to push through the burn and exhaustion to reach the glory that lays beyond.


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