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Why TF360 Licence?

TravelFit 360 is a unique concept combining travel and fitness. We have been living the ‘process’ for more than a decade now and have fine-tuned and simplified many methods of living a healthy lifestyle and even improving fitness while travelling the world. With exclusive access to TF360 highly experienced travel team and the incorporation of our event management advisors, you will have trouble free booking, optional physical training programs, qualified dietician and nutrition advisor if required.

It’s your business and we are here to help owners succeed. We encourage a wide range of health and fitness professionals and the opportunities are endless. You can be creative and design your TF360 event anywhere in the world, no matter what fitness background you have. From CrossFit, Martial Arts, Sporting background to Yoga. We encourage all styles of fitness holidays with the structure of TF360 you will always run a premium fitness holiday event unique to your style.

With our 'Passport' system, you can join our referral program and refer your clients to other TF360 events anywhere and earn a commission from other TF360 events not ran by you.

Event management ran by you on behalf of Corporates, Sporting Teams, Physios and other health providers.

Training, Support & Event Management

We’re looking for passionate people who love travel and fitness. Without passion, its best you not go any further from here. TF360 business owners and your staff need to have an open mind and are willing to learn and interact with many cultures. We provide all the training to ensure you avoid the pitfalls and the abundance of potential mistakes that will cost you money and time. If you follow our systems and procedures your events will be a success.

With our in-house graphic designer, we can provide you with modern and custom marketing materials for your business to grow to your existing and new customers.

With support via Skype, email and phone you will be in good hands to ensure you have any questions asked when and if they arise. 

When you are not running a fitness holiday, you can still earn multiple revenue streams from the Passport referral program, direct access to our Dietician to support your clients. Then you have our unique fitness sessions with our up-skilling short courses that will add another dimension for your gym or fitness business.



Where can I run my TF360 events?

As a TF360 business owner, you have the open world to run your events. However, there is a book in system so we don’t flood popular locations with several events all at the same time. We also suggest you launch and operate your events in locations you are familiar with. With the support of TF360 head office, we can also suggest locations in select countries.

Your events can include weekend escapes in your local area to international fitness holidays anywhere in the world. With the 'passport' system, you can even refer your clients to other TF360 events led by other experts on the TF360 team.

Regardless of age or fitness level, we offer our events to everyone in a supportive and friendly environment while maintaining structure, discipline and safety always.


When you join the TF360 team as a business owner, you will receive up-skilling training to help you understand the changes, development and procedures for running your business. Safety and security for you and your customers is paramount. We prepare you with the skill-set required to ensure your events evolve and never become stale or repetitive.

Unique fitness classes designed for confined areas such as in hotel rooms or home programs for your clients. These are perfect for corporates that travel, stay at home parents and to conduct during your fitness holiday events.

With our biennial up-skilling conference, you will develop as a travel and fitness expert which will add to customer retention.


Initial costs

TF360 Licence one off fee $12,000 AUD.
This fee will cover your training course over 3 nights at a 4-5 star resort for 2 people in Australia.

TravelFit 360 NEVER takes a percentage!!!


TravelFit 360 are on the search for talented, entrepreneurial and passionate health and fitness professionals as licencees to join us to explore the world, change lives and create memories and experiences for people that will last a lifetime. 

You must share the TravelFit 360 values to develop a long lasting relationship with you. We are only looking for positive people who are prepared to commit and have the 'hands on' approach to the business. TravelFit 360 business owners are required to be involved to achieve the best possible results to ensure the growth of your business, while upholding the status of a TravelFit 360 brand ambassador.

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