The Mole Challenge

Game outline

All contestants meet shortly before their first task. Every contestant will need a journal which is the only place they are permitted to record information and thoughts about the other contestants.

Some contestants form "coalitions" with other contestants, ostensibly to share theories and observations about the other contestants. Some contestants attempt to cause others to believe that they are the Mole, on the premise that believing the wrong person is the Mole will result in them having poor quiz results.

Generally has a prize reward towards the group pot for various levels of success. On occasion, a mission will have a prize penalty for failure. The missions comprise a wide variety of physical and/or mental (brain teaser) challenges posed to the contestants. Most are straight forward, and the rules are fully explained to all contestants. In some cases, however, a mission is not fully explained to all contestants, increasing its difficulty. In those cases, perhaps only selected contestants are informed of the full nature of the challenge, and must work towards a different goal than the rest. In rare instances, there are secret missions which only one, or none of the contestants are aware of.


Missions are sometimes entirely physical, or entirely mental, but usually, have elements of both.

Some missions require every member of the team to complete their task for the team to earn prizes, while other missions award prizes for each contestant that finished, regardless of the others. A common requirement is for the team to divide themselves into groups based on given attributes (e.g., "leaders" and "followers") before they learn what the task is.

In addition to challenges, violations of the game's rules by a player, can result in a deduction from the group pot as a penalty.

Failing a secret "morality test" may also warrant a penalty.


Each quiz follows the same basic format, asking questions about the identity of the Mole. Questions are in multiple-choice format with a widely varying number of choices; some questions have only two options (e.g. yes/no answer). The questions reflect upon a variety of observations about the Mole. Some ask about personal information (i.e., physical attributes, personal history, likes/dislikes, all collected from the original game applications). Other questions are based on in-game information (i.e., how the Mole performed in that day's missions). The final question of each quiz is ostensibly "Who is the Mole?", with all remaining players' names as options. The final question does not hold more weight than the others, and it is not unusual for players to miss that question, but still score well on the quiz.

JULY 2019